Real-time model performance
monitoring & analytics. In minutes.

Orchestra helps data scientists discover and investigate machine learning model issues in real-time so they can ship better quality models faster

  • Automatically monitor incoming and outgoing data in real-time
  • Get alerts and notifications when model peformance drops
  • Investigate root causes, fix performance issues and deploy high quality models faster


Real-time monitoring & analytics
for machine learning

Orchestra helps you visualize patterns in the data related to your machine-learning models, detect abnormal behaviour and provides tools to help you investigate in real-time.

Get notified immediately
when something's wrong

Orchestra lets you know right away when your models are potentially underperforming. Get alerted through email or Slack and ensure major issues are dealt with promptly.

  # Monitor all features and outcomes
    model_name: 'Price personalization model'
    version: '4.5.20'
    api_key: API_KEY
    data: { "features": features, "outcome": result }

Quick to setup and easy to use

With just a few lines of code in your model's programming language, you can start monitoring in 5 minutes. Cloud-based, private cloud or on-prem with no engineering work required.

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