Seamlessly deploy
machine learning solutions

In minutes. At scale.

Orchestra enables companies to seamlessly deploy, manage and monetize AI and machine learning algorithms at scale.

Publish and embed everywhere

Upload your code or connect to your Git repo, define your URL and publish. You're all set. Your API is ready to be embedded in any web or mobile application.

Scalable automatically

Forget about needing to design infrastructure that lets your model be consumed by millions of applications. We have engineered our platform to support your growth.

Model in your language

Build your model in the language most comfortable to you. Currently, we support Python and R but we're looking to add other languages like Tensorflow, Scala, Octave, etc.

Model to API in 3 steps

You've worked hard to build the most accurate model. All that sweat and tears just to carve out a 2% improvement in accuracy. You're ready to let developers use it.

With Orchestra, deploying your model to production is simple:

  1. Setup your model details (documentation optional although we recommend it for team collaboration)
  2. Upload your code or let us know where we can retrieve it from your Git repository
  3. Publish your model and rejoice!

Models already deployed on Orchestra

Our Pricing Plans


For individual data science enthusiasts and consulting professionals



  • Unlimited models

  • 10 versions per model

  • 600k requests/month

  • £0.01 / extra request

  • Model analytics

  • Version control


For data science teams in startups and medium-sized organizations



  • Unlimited models

  • 20 versions per model

  • 1.6m requests/month

  • £0.007 / extra request

  • Model analytics

  • Version control

  • Collaboration


For enterprises looking to reliably scale machine learning solutions

Custom Pricing Based On Your Needs

  • Unlimited models

  • Unlimited versions

  • Unlimited requests

  • Model analytics

  • Version Control

  • Collaboration

  • Single sign-on

  • Access controls

  • Workflows

  • Audit log