Clean data ready for modelling.
In days. Not weeks.

Orchestra helps data science teams acquire and clean datasets so they can focus on building more accurate models.

Orchestra makes data scientists more productive by keeping them organized and enabling them to automate commons tasks

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Give your data science team a productivity boost

Orchestra enables data science teams to focus on the fun bit: modelling. We will clean your data or help you acquire from new sources, format it the way you want and have it ready for you to start modelling.

Data cleaning and processing services - Orchestra Sift

Clean data. Ready for you.

Share your data or send a request to acquire new data and our team of data engineers will clean and package it all up for you to start modelling.

Explore data faster with automated summaries and visualizations - Orchestra

Explore data faster

Build your understanding of the data quicker with automated summaries and visualizations.

Build trust and confidence in your models

Audit trail helps you understand exactly every single step it takes to replicate your model's results. We'll save a copy of every transformation step the data goes through.

Data audit trails - Orchestra